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Casafina: The Must-Have Tabletop

Every bride dreams of the perfect tabletop in her home. At The Write Impression, we offer Casafina Fine Portuguese Stoneware that is equally distinctive and high quality as it is charming.

Here are three reasons we recommend Casafina:

1. First, it is beautiful! The understated elegance and artistry of these handcrafted pieces can best be appreciated in person.

2. They are experienced! For the past 30 years, Casafina has brought fine ceramics from Europe to retailers across North America. Their journey began in Portugal and over time they have nurtured many artisans, from large and world-renowned factories to small family-run companies. They continue to travel throughout Europe sourcing new products.

3. Keep it fresh! Twice per year, Casafina introduces new products to ensure that there is always something fresh and exciting for Casafina lovers.

To get started, our clients enjoy building a classic collection and then mixing and matching additional artful pieces. Let’s create a look that reflects YOU and will never go out of style.